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EASYMIFs & SITEHOUND: a toolkit for the identification of ligand-binding sites in protein structures.

D. Ghersi and R. Sanchez. Bioinformatics, 25, 3185-3186, 2009

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Running SiteHound as a standalone program

SiteHound identifies protein regions that are likely to interact with ligands. The only input files required by SITEHOUND are the PDB file of the protein and the Molecular Interaction Field (MIFs) or Affinity Map for that protein structure structure.

EasyMIFs is provided as a tool to calculate MIFs, alternatively AutoGrid (part of the AutoDock suite developed by Arthur Olson’s group at The Scripps Research Insitute) or the SiteHound-web server can be used to produce Affinity maps or MIFs.

A python script named '' is provided in the package and can be used to perform binding site identification in a fully automated fashion. The script will prepare the protein PDB file, compute a Molecular Interaction Fields map with EasyMIFs and carry out binding site identification using SiteHound. It is also possible to use EasyMIFs and SiteHound separately.

For details consult the EasyMIFs/SITEHOUND manual or the README file in the package.

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Current version: January 12, 2010

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